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Assessment Forms & Policy

These documents are for the support of students .


Read the Assessment Policy 2024 for all the relevant information pertaining to year 11 and Year 12.

The Task Mapping Guides for Year 11 and HSC (Year 12) students outline what assessment tasks are scheduled for that year group and give the subject, week due and expected percentage of the total marks available for that subject.  Please note! They are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, but subject teachers will advise their classes if this happens.

Task Mapping Guide for HSC (Year 12) 2023/2024.


The following forms are provided for the use of students:


You can type in the details needed, but they must be printed out and signed where appropriate.

(It does not matter that your printouts will be on different coloured paper to that obtained at the school.)


Illness Misadventure Formused where you are unable to complete an assessment task by the due date due to sickness, accident or other unforeseen circumstances.


Clash of Task Form- to be used where an assessment task clashes with something beyond your control that you know about beforehand. Examples would include appointments, work placement, school representative sporting commitments. This form must be submitted prior to the assessment task.


Extension of Time Form  - used in exceptional circumstances where the student feels they need extra time. Requires accompanying documentation.


Parent/Carer Declaration (doc 37 KB)  - used as accompanying  documentation for the submissions above when necessary.


Assessment Submission Form - must accompany all tasks submitted through the duplicating room in C Block.


Appeals Against Assessment Decisions - to be used where you believe you have grounds to appeal to the Principal regarding a decision made about an assessment task submission.