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Community and Family Studies

NESA Course Number

Year 11  11060  2 Units

Year 12  15060  2 Units


Community and Family Studies draws on selected components of family studies, sociology, developmental psychology and students general life experiences. This course focuses on skills in resource management that enable people to function effectively in their everyday lives, in families and communities.

The year 11 course focuses on the concepts of wellbeing, needs and wants, resources, values, goal setting, communication, decision-making and personal management. Students examine the nature of groups and why they form. They explore the importance of building positive interpersonal relationships in order to promote a sense of belonging among individuals, families and social groups. Students look into how constant change challenges families and communities, and that both informal and formal support available can assist them to manage the change effectively.

In the year 12 HSC course students explore specific groups within the community who may be experiencing inequities by examining the nature of the group, their specific needs and level of access to services. Students develop their understanding of the types of parents and carers and how to best prepare for the role in order to optimise the wellbeing of a dependant. Students investigate the evolution of technology, they consider the potential benefit of technological developments while investigating the inequities of access experienced by some groups and the positive and negative impact of technological developments on families and in communities and the workplace.

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