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Society and Culture

NESA Course Number

Year 11  11330  2 Units

Year 12  15350  2 Units


Society and Culture develops knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes essential to an appreciation of the social world.  The interaction of people, society, culture, environment and time is a central theme of study.  Students develop an understanding of research methodologies and undertake research in an area of particular interest to them.


The Year 11 course consists of the following topics:

• The Social and Cultural World – the interaction between aspects of society and cultures

•Personal and Social Identity – socialisation and coming of age in a variety of social and cultural settings

• Intercultural Communication – how people in different cultures interact and communicate


Year 12 HSC course consists of the following topics:

• Social and Cultural Continuity and Change – research and study of the nature, continuity and change of a selected country

• The Personal Interest Project – an individual research project.  

• Depth studies - two to be chosen from:  

- Popular Culture – the interconnection between individuals

- Belief Systems and Ideologies – role of belief systems in societies, cultures and personal life

- Social conformity and nonconformity – attitudes and behaviours of groups and their members

- Social Inclusion and Exclusion – the nature of social groups


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